Monday, 31 January 2011

Musical Stereotypes.

There are a number of musical differences amongst people we know, friends, family, work/class mates. But  just how big is this difference? 

When you look at people do you put them into a stereotype? Do you then go on to decide what music they listen to through this stereotype? They have piercings, they listen to screamo. She's wearing pink she must like pop. Look at the chain he is wearing, he likes rap.

Though saying it like that it seems no, but in actual fact you probably do. And probably won't stop doing this. Though obviously you are (hopefully) more descrete.

But the fact is, can we really judge someone by their appearence? And from that can we judge their character by their musical tastes?

A person can listen to screamo, not have piercings and not do drugs.
A person can listen to pop, and hate the colour pink and girly things.
A lad can listen to Justin Beiber( :S ) and not be gay.
Someone can like dance music, but hate the volume of clubs.

People are people and should not be refined by their music.
A person can listen to every type of music and not have to feel like they are defying different music.

I am not referring to myself here though. I myself listen to alternate music, tend to stick to this one type generally. I dont listen to mainstream, and consider certain artists 'crap'. But that's me.

Musical stereotypes exist. Whether we fit them or not is our own judgement.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Where is all the music?

Music is gone. Where? Who knows?
The art of buying music is gone, and why? Because of things such as bearshare, filesharing, youtube converter? And now what? Soon all we will have left are live shows and festivals.
If we continue to steal music people will just stop making it, sick of it being a moneyless industry.Then we will just be stuck digging into the past for more music. The tern 'new band' just wouldnt be present anymore.

I know for many this wont effect them in the slightest, people who are trapped listening to old bands and artists, believing they are undeniably the best, but what about the rest of the world?
People need to stop cheating, and reach into their pockets for their music.
Sure we will always have concert sales and merchandise, but soon enough that wont be enough to suffice efficient cash flow to musicians, and their team.
The message really is if you want music, buy dont steal. There I'm done.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

One night of love. Nothing more, nothing less.

The mystery jets.
Personally I feel they are a very good and renound band. But personally I cannot change their success, but alas I can write about them.
Their songs are intreguing and hold interesting melodies and catchy lyrics, which after a few listens you cannot help but sing along to.
It sounds like I am advertising the band, but I'm not I can assure you, but I am opinionated and like to state my opinions, particularly those of musical genre, and so I shall state my musical opinion here, part of the reason of the creation of this blog.
My favourite song of this particular band is two doors down, but when I have dug deeper into their songs, and listened to the lyrics of other songs I am sure that opinion will change.
My first encounter with the band was a year ago when I used to spend half of my time at a friends house, where she has a signed poster of them, where they surprisingly spelt 'Sophie' wrong, though I can't quite recall how they spelt it. After seeing the poster, she played their music upon regular occation, and so I became slowly adjusted to them, though at the time I did not register the songs with the band.
But now they appeared on the similar artists of other bands I listened to on spotify, so I had a listen, and then registered the songs to the name, and very quickly became a big fan. If you don't already I advise you give them a listen, because if I like them then you never know, you could like them too? :)
I think I'm in love,
With the girl next door
It's driving me crazy
I can't take it anymore
I hear her playing the drums late at night
The neighbours complain but thats the kind of girl I like

©The Mystery Jets, Two Doors Down.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

How much is too much?

There is alot of music there is no denying, but when you make yourself a quick playlist of artists you like, and it comes out at 1067 songs long, something is happening.

If we had lived in previous generations we probably wouldn't even know 1067 songs, let alone be able to add them into a single playlist, and play them on shuffle as much as one may like.

See that is the magic of today, a single click can take you to spotify, we7, itunes, and we can just listen to music, as much as we like. Even those who don't know too many songs and artists can simply click onto lastFM and listen as much music as they may like from artists they may have never even heard of. This is what I love about the internet. Music.
Widely available, and easily attainable. A world without music is boring, and personally I believe we all have to be thankful for its availability.

Even before the renound artists, people made their own music. Instruments, singing proving you cannot live without it. Then are musically icons were the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, then finally Elvis and the Beatles brought us into the pop and rock cultures we know today.
And now we have broken away from a couple on musically genre's and into millions: Alternate; rap; pop; metal; rock; indie; r&b; punk; house; soul; classical, the possibilities go on and on! Just look at a band on wikipedia and you will be shown several genres it fits into, even those you never thought existed, like Alternate rap, and pop punk? Mixes of music!

I feel we have a lot to thank music for, and I think if world peace is possible, then we can do so through music. If eminem can bring moshers and chavs together, then surely someone will bring everyone together? Lady Gaga? Michael Jackson? Legends! All cultures love them!
I usually leave on related lyrics, but due to how general this post is I may struggle with that, and so, why not sing your own lyrics? ♥

Thursday, 6 January 2011

We're living in a den of thieves.

Regina Spektor. I have recently come accross her music and I must say she surprises me. I don't usually like music by female artists, but I cannot stop listening to her.
What came to make me originally put her music on was the film 500 Days of Summer, her music features in the film, which I loved. I found myself attracted to the music and so I decided to listen to the soundtrack and as a result found myself wanting to hear more of her.
One thing that shocked me is that my old friend used to have fidelity and I used to listen to and like it when I went to her house, and here I found myself listening to it on her top hits.
My favourites by her so far are Fidelity, Samson, Hero and Us. :)
And to leave you some lyrics I like:
They'll name a city after us
And later say it's all our fault
Then they'll give us a talking to
Then they'll give us a talking to
Because they've got years of experience
We're living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
We're living in a den of thieves
And it's contagious

Sexy musings of The Smiths.

The Smiths. A well known band. Well loved. And what of them? As the first post to this blog I felt i should choose to blog on a band who deserve it, and who better than The Smiths?
With obscure lyrics and their outsiders stlye looks they have become one of the big bands of the 20th century, alongside the Beatles, and Journey. And as many know Morrissey went on to become a highly successful solo artist.
Personally I think that any good music should look to the smiths to know how to be and the best way to sing and perform. And to leave with:
A jumped up pantry boy
Who never knew his place
He said "return the ring"
He knows so much about these things
He knows so much about these things