Sunday, 9 January 2011

One night of love. Nothing more, nothing less.

The mystery jets.
Personally I feel they are a very good and renound band. But personally I cannot change their success, but alas I can write about them.
Their songs are intreguing and hold interesting melodies and catchy lyrics, which after a few listens you cannot help but sing along to.
It sounds like I am advertising the band, but I'm not I can assure you, but I am opinionated and like to state my opinions, particularly those of musical genre, and so I shall state my musical opinion here, part of the reason of the creation of this blog.
My favourite song of this particular band is two doors down, but when I have dug deeper into their songs, and listened to the lyrics of other songs I am sure that opinion will change.
My first encounter with the band was a year ago when I used to spend half of my time at a friends house, where she has a signed poster of them, where they surprisingly spelt 'Sophie' wrong, though I can't quite recall how they spelt it. After seeing the poster, she played their music upon regular occation, and so I became slowly adjusted to them, though at the time I did not register the songs with the band.
But now they appeared on the similar artists of other bands I listened to on spotify, so I had a listen, and then registered the songs to the name, and very quickly became a big fan. If you don't already I advise you give them a listen, because if I like them then you never know, you could like them too? :)
I think I'm in love,
With the girl next door
It's driving me crazy
I can't take it anymore
I hear her playing the drums late at night
The neighbours complain but thats the kind of girl I like

©The Mystery Jets, Two Doors Down.

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