Saturday, 8 January 2011

How much is too much?

There is alot of music there is no denying, but when you make yourself a quick playlist of artists you like, and it comes out at 1067 songs long, something is happening.

If we had lived in previous generations we probably wouldn't even know 1067 songs, let alone be able to add them into a single playlist, and play them on shuffle as much as one may like.

See that is the magic of today, a single click can take you to spotify, we7, itunes, and we can just listen to music, as much as we like. Even those who don't know too many songs and artists can simply click onto lastFM and listen as much music as they may like from artists they may have never even heard of. This is what I love about the internet. Music.
Widely available, and easily attainable. A world without music is boring, and personally I believe we all have to be thankful for its availability.

Even before the renound artists, people made their own music. Instruments, singing proving you cannot live without it. Then are musically icons were the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, then finally Elvis and the Beatles brought us into the pop and rock cultures we know today.
And now we have broken away from a couple on musically genre's and into millions: Alternate; rap; pop; metal; rock; indie; r&b; punk; house; soul; classical, the possibilities go on and on! Just look at a band on wikipedia and you will be shown several genres it fits into, even those you never thought existed, like Alternate rap, and pop punk? Mixes of music!

I feel we have a lot to thank music for, and I think if world peace is possible, then we can do so through music. If eminem can bring moshers and chavs together, then surely someone will bring everyone together? Lady Gaga? Michael Jackson? Legends! All cultures love them!
I usually leave on related lyrics, but due to how general this post is I may struggle with that, and so, why not sing your own lyrics? ♥

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