Wednesday, 28 December 2011


'I'm a good singer. I could be famous. I know! I'll apply for the X Factor!'

Since when did this become the only method of gaining fame and acknowledgement as a singer? I do believe this show has only been around since 2004.. Granted there were previous, similar TV shows, such as Pop Idol, etc. But Still, I have to query what has happened to the traditional methods of getting recognition, such as doing gigs, cutting a CD and sending it off to various record producers, something even as simple as getting a manager..
I'm not trying to spite the X Factor, I realise that they are very beneficial to the economy and the dying music industry, but still. My sister is great at singing, I have been trying to encourage her to make Youtube videos and a website, Facebook page etc, but still, she has applied for the X Factor as she is finally old enough. It physically upsets me, where is the X Factor going to land her exactly? I can't imagine it getting her a position as a serious artist in the music industry. She might as well be the next Jedward.
I understand that there are plenty of artists coming out without the use of talent shows, but around the people I know, the general opinion is that to get famous they should go on the X Factor.
Thankfully we still have the bands. You see the bands doing gigs, trying to get into the music industry by starting from the bottom. I can't help but feel relief when I see these local bands doing it properly. I understand that this rarely pays off well, but at least they are usually making a little bit of money, and I'm sure they will get further than most of the tens of thousands that go on the X Factor.

Come on singers! Get gigging! Or just do what I do and stick to the Karaoke.