Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Music magazines?

There are so many music magazines out there. The one I read is NME, it is quite evidently the biggest indie music magazine in Britain.

I read it because I like to read articles on my favourite bands and artists and also discover some hyped up ones. I use it to help generate my own musical opinion based on that of others. Although I don't solely rely on what's said said in them.

It's silly really how I spend £2.40 to read someone I don't know's opinion on bands I usually haven't heard of or listened to. But I do it anyway. Sometimes I will read an article on a band/artist I like, which I enjoy doing, as it shows me what others think of the bands I like.

I don't buy it every week, and when I do it takes me a while to read it. Sometimes I will read the cover and use this to discern whether I want to buy it or not. For example this weeks contained an cover feature on the Smiths, and so I bought this to read that, although I have only so far read a small part of the article, as sometimes I struggle to read the full article.

I have only really bought NME, although I went through a short period of reading Kerrang when I had a boyfriend who fitted the typical Kerrang reader stereotype. Its strange how out of all the music enthusiasts out there only certain types will buy music magazines. When a band/artist is majorly mainstream they will just be featured in gossip magazines, and so the fans of them will read gossip magazines.

There are many music magazines, although some are much more hyped up than others. Many people would not have even heard of, let alone set out to buy.