Saturday, 22 January 2011

Where is all the music?

Music is gone. Where? Who knows?
The art of buying music is gone, and why? Because of things such as bearshare, filesharing, youtube converter? And now what? Soon all we will have left are live shows and festivals.
If we continue to steal music people will just stop making it, sick of it being a moneyless industry.Then we will just be stuck digging into the past for more music. The tern 'new band' just wouldnt be present anymore.

I know for many this wont effect them in the slightest, people who are trapped listening to old bands and artists, believing they are undeniably the best, but what about the rest of the world?
People need to stop cheating, and reach into their pockets for their music.
Sure we will always have concert sales and merchandise, but soon enough that wont be enough to suffice efficient cash flow to musicians, and their team.
The message really is if you want music, buy dont steal. There I'm done.

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