Monday, 31 January 2011

Musical Stereotypes.

There are a number of musical differences amongst people we know, friends, family, work/class mates. But  just how big is this difference? 

When you look at people do you put them into a stereotype? Do you then go on to decide what music they listen to through this stereotype? They have piercings, they listen to screamo. She's wearing pink she must like pop. Look at the chain he is wearing, he likes rap.

Though saying it like that it seems no, but in actual fact you probably do. And probably won't stop doing this. Though obviously you are (hopefully) more descrete.

But the fact is, can we really judge someone by their appearence? And from that can we judge their character by their musical tastes?

A person can listen to screamo, not have piercings and not do drugs.
A person can listen to pop, and hate the colour pink and girly things.
A lad can listen to Justin Beiber( :S ) and not be gay.
Someone can like dance music, but hate the volume of clubs.

People are people and should not be refined by their music.
A person can listen to every type of music and not have to feel like they are defying different music.

I am not referring to myself here though. I myself listen to alternate music, tend to stick to this one type generally. I dont listen to mainstream, and consider certain artists 'crap'. But that's me.

Musical stereotypes exist. Whether we fit them or not is our own judgement.

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