Monday, 21 February 2011

Should we be confined to one genre?

'What type of music do you listen to?' A question most people are at some point faced with... And a lot of use will either state one, or a few linked types of music. Some people feel restricted to just one category in music, trying to uphold a certain image.

I know this because I myself am like this. My answer to this particular question is 'indie, alternate sort of things,' then perhaps I would give an example, such as The Courteeners. Well here is my confession; I listen to other music, even as far fetched as Lady Gaga and 3oh!3.. These are somewhat mainstream artists, and very far away from who I claim to listen to.
I must admit, I tend to hide the fact I listen to and like these artists. I don't want to ruin my image. Any why? Because I am a music snob. People who know me would even confirm this. I listen to particular artists just to remain an indie kid.
How many more people are like this? Like me? Quite a few I'm sure. People who try to conform to how they feel they should be. It's stupid really. But true.

What can we do though? Nothing. It's the way we work. The way we make friends. The way we define ourselves.
It is not just music either, it is the clothes we wear, the movies we watch, and in some cases the food we eat. We use all these to define ourselves, control our lifestyle, and decide the people we become friends with.

We are just a character. Defined by our tastes. And we uphold this character.

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