Monday, 25 April 2011

I can never stray too far from this beloved band..

I go through bands quickly. I constantly discover new ones and spend a period obsessing over them, but one I cannot bring myself to leave is the amazing Vampire Weekend. I love their quirky tunes, and obscure, hard to make out lyrics. No matter how many bands I discover, no matter how much I listen to their music I cannot bring myself to stop loving this beautiful band.
It could possibly be because of my more-than-slight crush on the lead singer Ezra Koenig, and my deep love for his voice, but I think its more than that. Vampire Weekend never fail to cheer me up, I can never bring myself to turn them down, and I simply cannot stop listening to any new songs - even ones that appear on the terrible twilight.
I am not, admitedly, the type of teeneager with posters covering my wall, but I have just one, not so much as a poster - but simply a page ripped from a magazine. And this is Ezra Koenig playing his beautiful guitar on stage at Glastenbury last year.
If I were to be granted a wish, it would be to watch a live performance from this band, the atmosphere, I feel, would be absolutely amazing - and one in which I would hate to never experience.
The best £10 I ever spent was buying the two Vampire Weekend albums. The covers, despite their syplicity, had a great look to them, understated.
And this, you should know, is my favourite band.

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