Sunday, 15 May 2011

Musical festivities.

Ahhh holiday festival time! Summer = sun, holidays and MUSIC FESTIVALS. I am only 16 so I have not yet actually experienced them myself, but this year I am going to loose my festival virginity. I am going to a smaller festival in the lake district called Kendal Calling.
It is surprising that I am actually going to this one, as festivals are ridiculously expensive, and hard to get to. But this year I found myself lucky. My dad happens to have a friend who is doing the ice cream vans for this festival, and my dad is running one, so I am going along as his 'assistant'.
So what is it about these festivals that is so exciting, and why people pay so much? I cannot answer for sure yet, but I know that people love music, and want to go to a place where several of their favourite bands are combined. Although many people don't even go for the music. My ex boyfriend went to radio 1's big weekend last year, saw one band, and got drunk the rest of the day. But I suppose people want to go for the atmosphere, the relaxation, and of course the alcohol.
I myself am excited to go for two reasons. Firstly, three of my favourite artists are going - Blondie, Frankie & The Heartstrings, and The Cribs. And secondly I want to go into the field of live music events as a career. This festival is opportunity for me to go and see these great bands, and learn about my future career choice. And of course I will write all about it here afterwards.
Its going to be an experience, and a fun one at that. And anyone going, If you see me in an ice cream van come and say hi. :)

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