Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lets get embarrassed.

We all have those artists we love, but are embarrassed to say so. And in this post I am going to reveal mine. Those who have read my previous posts will see that I am a bit of an indie kid. I'm into the whole two door cinema club, the cribs, the smiths scene. But behind closed doors is this all I listen to?
I am going to admit that right now I am listening to The Feeling. Remember them? The obviously gay love it when you call, fill my little world band? Well I love them. I have both their albums (which I bought a long time ago), and recently have rekindled my love for them.
I don't tend to admit this to people, but I am telling anyone who reads this. So how embarrassing is that? I ask you? For some I realise they will think big deal? But for me, an image conscious teenager. And they aren't the extent of my listening guilty pleasures.. The Hoosiers, Scouting For Girls, Mika and Ke$ha are all part of my guilty pleasures. I don't know why I love them but I do. I suppose its just a nice change for me..
But why should I hide my love for them? We all have guilty pleasures that people will laugh at, like my best friend being obsessed with The Smiths and 50 Cent. Or another friend of mine, a more mainstream one, loving Bruno Mars and Fall Out Boy. They don't tend to admit these guilty pleasures of theirs, but they are there.
I personally think we should be open about all the music we listen to. But I guess with that I will have to be open about mine, which is not likely at this current point.
Feel free to comment with your guilty pleasures music wise. :)

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